Tattoo Removal Solution

Dear consumer;
Glory is a Tattoo Removal Solution.
Thank you for choosing the Glory that is a great product and amazing remover from the Glory company.

First of all, please be sure to read and understand the following tips and instructions, before using the Glory.
– The Glory has weak acidic properties. This kind of tattoo removal solution is designed for external use only by professional trained people.

– The use of Glory ( tattoo removal solution ) is allowed only by people who have been trained under the supervision of the company’s approved masters.
We emphasize that it is forbidden to use Glory at home or by ordinary people who have not received the necessary training courses or practical workshops in this regards.

– On the other hand, We strongly recommend that before using the Glory, you should consult a dermatologist about the skin condition you are going to use the Glory (tattoo removal solution) on it. After you receiving the tips and opinions of dermatologist regarding mentioned skin, you could start using the Glory.

– You must be careful to Avoid contact of the Glory with eyes. Never use Glory ( tattoo removal solution ) on the skin around the eyes. If the solution accidentally enters the eye, rinse immediately with plenty of cold water and consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

– If this solution irritates the skin, you must discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist in the soonest possible time.

– If the Glory is applied to the skin, be sure to tell your client to apply sunscreen to the treated area of ​​the skin, before leaving the house and exposing it to the sun.

– Absolutely do not use on damaged or irritated skin. You should know that the interval between using the product on the skin is at least four weeks, based on dermatologists opinions, because the scratched skin needs a long time to regenerate and renew itself.

Also Please be noted :
– you should store the Glory in a cool and dry place, below 25c and also away from direct sunlight.
– you should use the Glory during 90 days after opening the lid.
– The best time to use the Glory is around 3 years after the time of production.
– Keep the Glory ( tattoo removal solution ) out of the sight and reach of children.
– each box contains:
• One vial of the Glory with 12ml volume.
• Transparent flexible snout + its white bonnet.
• Guidance leaflet.

Stages of using Glory ( tattoo removal Solution)

These steps must be performed by trained people under the supervision of the professors of the educational department in Glory Company

1- First, completely cover the desired skin area with anesthetic cream for 30 minutes to numb that desired area.

2 – Scratch the epidermis of the skin with a tattoo machine using a three-head power needle.

3 – After scratching and as a result, the surface of the epidermis of the skin is opened, we apply Glory to the desired skin surface with a microbrush and then massage for 2 minutes.

4 – The technique we use to remove dark tattoos is performed under the following steps:

– Tattooing needles in the first round is in the form of dot-work.

– After that, the movement of the tattoo needle in the second round is in the form of a loop movement.

– In the third stage, the needle movements will be like stage one and in the form of dot-work.

– We do the fourth step by moving the loop.

– The fifth step will be the same as step one and will be dot-work.

– The sixth stage is the same as the second stage and is performed as a loop.

The number of steps is 6 rounds in dark eyebrows (black / green / blue) and 4 rounds in red / orange eyebrows.

The important thing is that we use the shading movement to remove red tattoos.